Duplicate email addresses allowed on import

Hello. I’m running phpList 3.6.6. on a Centos 7 server.

About one year ago we did a big import of subscribers using the CSV import feature.

Recently, we imported about a half-dozen or so new email addresses using ‘Import subscribers by copy-and-paste’.

We found that phpList would not detect and mark the emails which already existed in our database as subscribers. In fact, the email addresses would import successfully and new subscribers would be created with the same email address.

These new subscribers did have a new unique ID, of course, but the emails were exactly the same.

Interestingly, when we try importing the same email address twice, the second time, it does find and mark the duplicate emails.

Does anybody know what could cause duplicate email addresses to be not marked as duplicate? We definitely don’t want duplicates, so we would like to implement a fix is possible.

Thanks in advance.

@pcatt Can you do a search for the subscribers and show a screen shot of the results?