DUH! Can't find optin code?

I’m ready, call me stupid but where do I get the code for the optin form I want to put in my website? It has to have this somewhere right?



I’m pretty sure it is in the user manual somewhere, but if you can’t find it easily, I have a couple of articles on my website that deal with adding a subscriber page to your website.

HTML Version: http://dragonrider.co.uk/index.php/phplist-menu/124-phplist-how-to-include-a-custom-subscribe-form

Joomla Version: http://dragonrider.co.uk/index.php/phplist-menu/167-joomla-custom-phplist

Hope these help.

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I used the info from @Dragonrider and that worked for me, but I also want to point out that if you’re looking for something where you simply copy and paste one code block to where you want the form to appear (like what MailChimp and presumably other providers offer) I don’t think phpList offers that. Embedding the subscription form outside of phpList is not as simple and streamlined as it could be and I think should be.

Yes I agree and it maybe the one reason I stop using it.

@jhardy1456 Solutions to this are straightforward if you’re comfortable writing HTML. Either via a simple custom form submission or via Ajax (as you prefer) you can sign up subscribers to phpList.

Yes providing more automatically generated options out of the box would be an advantage. You’re very welcome to add that via a pull request.