Draft Action Menu Missing Trash Bin

I’m using PHPList 3.3.1 with PHP Version 5.6, the trash bin is not showing on the action menu on the list of campaigns (drafts – /admin/?page=messages&tab=draft) on my production server. However, on my local server (XAMPP) PHP Version 7.0.21, it shows up and works!

Is the PHP versions difference causing the issue? I made some config.php configuration changes on the production server, but even after resetting them to their original settings had no effect.

I will appreciate any insight into resolving the issue I’m having. Thanks.

@rjamespreston I think that phplist disables the delete button when the campaign has had link clicks, even for draft campaigns.

You can use the Manage Campaigns plugin to delete the campaign though. Follow the “find plugins” link on the Manage plugins page.

Thanks a million!

That’s was actually what I was needing to resolve the issue!

I’m assuming that editing the draft and removing the hard links would also display the trash bin and allow you to delete the draft message.

However, the plugin in better and saves several steps.

Thanks for the quick response.