Double opt in without putting email adress in to box (spage)

Is there any possibility to send campaign to email addresses which are in phplist
(confirmed) asking them, if they want to get newsletter every month – if yes
just click link (without putting again the same email into “email box” on spage).
It can be single or double opt in (doesn’t matter). They should of course sing
to new list.

Or maybe it can be done without spage (ubsubsribe process is working exactly this way as I’m talking about)

@cofee The Invite plugin might provide what you describe, see

Thanks for response – this plugin looks fine but „After sending the campaign, the subscriber will be marked “Blacklisted” in the phpList”. It’s no good because after one month I want to ask them again about the same or another our product. (everyone can unsubscribe at any time so we don’t want to blacklist them by default).

Guess I’ll have to work it out with spage process and force them to put email in the box.


I use this type of thing in the mails and/or footer

Send me news about:

<a href="[PREFERENCESURL]&id=10"" title=“Discounts and special offers” style=“color: #F51164; text-decoration: none;”>Discounts

The urls are like [PREFERENCESURL]&id=10

So step by step for you

  1. Make a subscribe page for email feequency
  2. Get the number of that subscribe page, say number 2
  3. make a url like < href = "[PREFERENCESURL]&id=10 > (without spaces, sorry if my html is bad)
  4. email clients encouraging them to click the link and set their preferences
  5. then use the frequency lists when sending, either as a To list or an Exclude list, however is better for you