Double directory links in subscriber emails

I am having a problem that I may not understand (and probably should be documented for others)

On my server I have phpLists as a folder (public_html/lists) called lists under public_html. All phplists files are under this folder

When I send a campaign, the email the subscriber receives has, at the bottom, two links – one for updating preferences and the other to unsubscribe.

In both of these links the lists folder is listed twice thus giving an error when someone clicks on either link.

This problem seems to affect only the subscriber pages and not the admin pages.

What am I doing wrong?

The website address is
Website address (without http://)

The subscription settings are:
URL where subscribers can sign up

URL where subscribers can unsubscribe

URL where unknown visitors can unsubscribe (do-not-send-list)

URL where subscribers have to confirm their subscription

URL where subscribers can update their details

URL for forwarding messages

Could you show us the actual “funny” links please?

Have you altered the email footer at all?

Obviously without subscribing we cannot see what you can.

Oh, and any issue with an incorrect setting will only involve the subscribe (public) pages, not the admin ones.

@philr did you manage to resolve your issue? I was able to successfully subscribe. Both “update preferences” and “unsubscribe” links look correct

The problem is resolved. How I don’t know but it works… LOL

Seems to be working OK. Not sure why but WTH lol