Domain Throttling

Good Evening,
I am having an issue with and emails. I found myself blocked from sending to these domains. A very nice ATT Representative unblocked my IP for me. Thank goodness kind Sir.

Going through the config file I have noticed Domain Throttling. I want to be sure I have the right setting before my next mailing. I am hoping that this will slow sending to matching domains a bit.

define('DOMAIN_BATCH_SIZE', 1);
define('DOMAIN_BATCH_PERIOD', 10);

Does this look correct?

@bettsr the difficulty with domain throttling is that the effect is unpredictable. It can increase dramatically the elapsed time to send a campaign. It may be better to use the ordinary throttle to increase the time between phplist sending each email.

Also, did advise you on restricting the sending rate? Often repeatedly sending to non-existent email addresses can cause an email provider to block a sending IP address.

Thank you duncanc. Your suggestion seemed to work just fine this time. 3 second between send since my list is so small. All my @att and @sbcglobal went though no issues.

Att said I should set a ptr record but, we don’t have that option available to us or I would have for sure.

Thanks again