Domain throttle settings

Hi, my domain throttle does not seem to work. Is it installed with the current phplist or is it a separate plugin?

The settings are:

define('DOMAIN_BATCH_SIZE', 10);
define('DOMAIN_BATCH_PERIOD', 601);

I tested it with 12 identical domains and the mails were sent in one go.

@MTT8 I tried this and it seemed to work correctly, sending only to 10 subscribers and rejecting four more

phpList - Processed 14 out of 14 subscribers [0.0054070000] (839)
phpList - Script stage: 5 [0.0266480000] (845)
phpList - 10 messages sent in 21.89 seconds (1644 msgs/hr) [0.0005810000] (848)
phpList - 4 failed (will retry later) [0.0062410000] (850)

Possibly other batch settings affected your result. What value do you have for MAILQUEUE_THROTTLE ?

Thanks for your help. I read a lot of examples. My host permits 1000 Emails every 10 minutes.

define('MAILQUEUE_BATCH_SIZE', 950);

@MTT8 Look in the Event Log page to see the events related to sending this campaign.

v3.6.13 It looks like a logical error - bug.
2 addresses (out of 12) were correctly recognized as 2 more than 10 and were postponed. Then the new process started immediately as it was less than MAILQUEUE_BATCH_SIZE I suppose instead of waiting 10 minutes.

2 failed (will retry later)
Finished this run
Less than batch size were sent, so reloading imminently
Processed 2 out of 2 subscribers
It took 02 seconds to send this message
2 messages sent in 0.54 seconds (13418 msgs/hr)
Finished this run
Less than batch size were sent, so reloading imminently


O.k., I just did one more test in test mode

define('DOMAIN_BATCH_SIZE', 1);
define('DOMAIN_BATCH_PERIOD', 61);

Nope, they were processed in one go. Hm, but surprisingly slowly. It is 17 subscribers and 12 have the same domain. ‘17 messages sent in 12.80 seconds (4780 msgs/hr)’

@MTT8 The throttling applies to each batch or run of processqueue separately. Processing the queue in a browser isn’t going to work very well, you need to use a cron job with a large batch size.

Sorry, what does this mean as consequence? Is my setting o.k.? I need to run it with SSH to work? Thanks