Does phplist don't support non-standard mysql port? e.g. 3307?

I tried to use phplist 3.2.5 with a non standard port of 3307,
make changes at config.php to
$database_host = “”;
but only to get: Unknown database host to connected to, please check your configuration

What’s extra steps shall make changes? Or it’s just phplist don’t support nonstandard sql port?

@PLST There is a problem with how phplist connects using mysqli, as the code was written for using mysql. See this bug report for a related problem.

As phplist now uses only mysqli, the database connection code needs to be revised.

Thanks for clarification. seems some work to do to make non-standard port to work.
Maybe I shall wait for new version @duncanc

@PLST I have made some changes to the phplist database connection code to support a port number. Can you try the changes to confirm that they work for you?
Unzip the attached file and replace the file admin/, then add these lines to your config.php file

$database_port = 3307;
$database_socket = null; (3.5 KB)