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Does anyone know how old phpList is?

I ask, because I think I may have used it (or an early incarnation) 20 years ago, and am now just re-discovering it.

I am currently on mailchimp, but they just changed their terms & privacy in a way that I do not like.

So - does anyone know when the project was really born? (Possibly before the current platform of sourceforge. I even forgot how we used to look for open source projects!)

what I’ve read it was first released in 2000.


Thanks @pubpen! That would jive with my foggy memory. According to the Wayback machine, I was publishing a webzine in 2000 ( At some point I’m pretty sure I started using phpList to manage the subscriptions.


Welcome to the phpList forum @takeabow! It’s great to see that you used to use phpList that long time ago!