DKIM Plugin | Deliverability Issues | Please Help

Hello everyone! Thank you for reading and visiting this thread. I’m having issues with email deliverability and need your help.

I’m running phpList v3.6.8 on a shared hosting account with Godaddy running PHP 7.4.

How do I configure the fields on Config > Settings > DKIM Settings on the phpList DKIM Plugin? Can someone provide an example and description of each field for us?

I know the GKIM plugin is new and there is no documentation. The DKIM phpList plugin has no descriptions for the input fields on the settings page. I am not sure what to add to the fields under the Config > Settings > DKIM Settings page.

My domain (including the selector) is

  1. I have the “DKIM Domain” field in the phpList options set as

  2. I have the “Selector” field set as s1

  3. I have my DKIM secret key in the field labeled “DKIM private key (if set, takes precedence over private key file).

Is it necessary to have the DKIM key in a txt file on the server? Or can I simply put the DKIM secret key in the settings?

Since I’m using Godaddy shared hosting, I can not use a .txt file because I do not have access to the root of the mail server.

Thanks in advance!

@AZBackroads Those three fields should be all that you need to enter. The private key file is an alternative to entering the private key text value directly.

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Thanks for the response @duncanc

I thought so. That answers part of my question. Thank you so much!

My domain with the selector is

Can you give me an example of what to put in the fields of the Config > Settings > DKIM Settings page using my domain and selector?

I’m not sure If I need to include the period with the selector like so → s1.
I’m also not sure if I need to include the subdomain _domainekey in the DKIM Domain field.

Thanks again! :slight_smile:

@AZBackroads s1 for the selector and for the domain.

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Thank you so much @duncanc

On the receiving end, should the email header indicate the DKIM check has passed?