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DKIM b= signature field is empty

I’ve configured in PHPMailer.php the DKIM variables ($DKIM_selector, $DKIM_identity, and so on …)

I get a dkim email as follows

DKIM-Signature: v=1;; s=dkimsel;
a=rsa-sha256; q=dns/txt; l=30; t=1573568421; c=relaxed/simple;

and the signature field is empty.

My DKIM configuration is OK. I can send without problems with other software dkim-signed emails.

phplist in v3.4.8 with ‘phpmailer 6’ or v3.4.7 with ‘phpmailer 5’ behaves in similar way.
I thought the new version has not the same problem.

What is wrong with the config?

It looks as if the PHPMailer method DKIM_Sign is returning an empty string. Either openssl is not installed or the signing by openssl_sign() is failing.

The php-module openssl is installed, using php 7.2.

I inserted the PEM-formated string in var $DKIM_private_string of PHPMailer.php. No CRLF only one long string. The variable $DKIM_private stays empty.

Probably something is not correct?

@massi there is an example of how to use DKIM in the phpmailer repository. Perhaps you can try to get that working, as it then rules out phplist. See

found the solution,
in file PHPMailer.php correct format of private text string is:
public $DKIM_private_string = ‘-----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY-----’.PHP_EOL.’+++your-private-key+++’.PHP_EOL.’-----END RSA PRIVATE KEY-----’.PHP_EOL;