Disabling Subscribe / Preferences Form

Hi everyone!

We are using phplist to send out newsletters, however, we manage sign-ups and communication preferences elsewhere (on a different user management system).

Is there a way to disable the subscribe form and the preferences form in phplist?

If users are currently entering the URL of our phplist installation they can access these forms which is not ideal. Is there a setting/configuration to disable these forms?

Thanks in advance!


You can edit the url in Config -> Config mailings

There you can edit all url that you need to the other system you have

By law and SPAM filters you need the unsubscribe hyperlink available on your newsletters, is not recommended remove it, you can but is not recommended. So change the url to your user management system.

You also can remove/disable the subscribe page.

Sorry, it’s in portuguese language

Thank you very much already! I have changed the URLs and I have deleted all subscribe forms.
However, the underlying pages are still accessible and users could still access those settings if they knew where to look.

Is there a way to completely disable these features (since we import the data from our external platform, where the users can edit it)?

  • User preferences
  • User sign-ups

@stevest If you make your lists private, and do not have any subscribe pages then people will not be able to sign-up through phplist.

But subscribers will still be able to view the preferences page. I guess that you have defined attributes, so maybe add some text explaining how subscribers should update their attributes, i.e. not through phplist.