Disable public list

I want to disable the opportunity to use public lists for my users.
I want to force my users to use private lists.


@mgraps It is not clear what you are trying to do. If you do not want people to use one of your lists then mark it as private, then it will not appear on the default subscribe page and will you will not be able to add it to a subscribe page that you create.

I would like to remove the ability for my users to make a list public, so I would like them to work only with private lists

@mgraps By “my users” you seem to be referring to administrators. “Users” generally refers to subscribers.

The administrator who creates a list decides whether it is public or private.

I will need Phplist to create mailing lists to internal and external users of my company. For this reason I will give a couple of users the possibility to create lists and send mails, they will therefore be administrators, I would prefer there was the type of user “operator” but there is not. At this point I wanted to understand if you could remove the possibility of creating public lists with some parameters in the config.php

@mgraps No, there isn’t a setting to do that. The nearest thing is the maximum number of lists that an ordinary admin may create. If you create all the lists, then setting that to 0 will stop ordinary admins from creating any further lists.

// if you use login, how many lists can be created per administrator
define('MAXLIST', 1);

But making a list private only affects whether it will appear on subscribe pages. If you create subscribe pages with only those lists that you want people to sign-up to, then any other public lists won’t appear ( I think that is the case but you would want to test that).