Disable Double opt-in

Hi you guys,

id like to disable the double opt-in to an single opt-in. How does it works. I find a lot of this subject at the internet, but i doesnt work for me.

I use V3.

My Goal: The subscriber should be direct imported to a certain list. Thanks a lot.

Hi Gerhard,

Go to your list settings, scroll down to “Subscriber Settings” toward the bottom. At the top of list set “Automatically mark subscribers confirmed”, and set to YES.

I think that’s what you are looking for.


This setting is provided by the List cleaner plugin but it doesn’t disable the double-optin process.

phplist still sends the confirmation request email and the subscriber will remain unconfirmed if he doesn’t respond to that email. But at the start of sending a campaign the plugin will mark all subscribers, or subscribers on a particular list, as confirmed.

So, in effect, it doesn’t matter whether people confirm their subscription because at some point they will be marked as confirmed.

Thanks a lot. Hmm, that is not the answer i expected. :smile: But thanks for the links and the help. I will try the plugin, thanks.