Difference in dealing with unconfirmed vs blacklisted vs in suppression list users

thank you for your awesome work in developing phplist.
I could not find any information in how a user in different states (unconfirmed/blacklisted/suppression list) is managed by phplist. Could somebody please clarify the difference in how the different flags affect the processing of a user?
In particular,
a) does phplist send mail to unconfirmed users or not?
b) does phplist send mail to blacklisted users or not?
c) does phplist send mail to users in the suppression list or not?
What is the best practice of blacklisting an email address vs adding it to the suppression list? Thus one should move all blacklisted users to the suppression list?

Out of theme question: is there a way in phplist to calculate the common set of users in two lists (intersection) or to calculate the list of users belonging to list A but not to list B (difference)?
Thanks for your replies.
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@filipponeri See here: https://www.phplist.org/manual/ch011_understanding-subscribers-and-lists.xhtml. Read “how to remove subscribers” in particular.

Also: https://resources.phplist.com/system/config/bounce_unsubscribe_threshold

Hi Samtuke,
thank you for taking the time to answer.
Unfortunately your reply does not answer the questions asked.

a) Not
b) Not
c) Never used it as far as I know, so don’t know but probably not.

Thanks a lot Dragonrider! Good to have confirmation that both unconfirmed and blacklisted users are not mailed. Still I am puzzled about how to use the suppression list. Again thanks for you spot on reply.