Difference between subdomain.domain.com and domain.com in config file

Here is a basic question which has always baffled me in the phplist config file.

I have a registerd domain name called registereddomain.com and a server host called host.resgistereddomain.com which is the email sending domain.

What are the settings in the config file so that the recipient sees registereddomain.com and not host.registereddomain.com? Which seems to be happening now.

Basically I have a lot of registered domains all riding on one host.regisistereddomain.com and get confused as to what goes where in the phplist config file.

And finally, with google changing it’s bulk sender requirements, and now requireing TLS connections, how is that configured the config file for sending emails? Or at a minimum how does it interact if at all with phplist?


There are 2 hosts that a phpList install requires… a hostname for the website interface, and a hostname to use when generating each email (you email server). These are configured vial the ‘config/setttings’ menu in the web interface. The website hostname is the URL where people can subscribe and unsubscribe, and is in the url used for click counting, etc. The email server is used when phpList generates the headers fore each individual email.
There are smtp settings in the config.php file, and these tell php how to send each email, either directly to the recipients email server using phpmailer, or to send it to another ‘smtp_server’ that will handle the delivery to the end user.
My suggestion is that you use the latter setup (an external smtp server), and have that server configured properly to send to google…