Did something change? Manual not navigable

I went to look for some details in the online manual, and I could not navigate to the part that I need. There is no ability to scroll in the Book Navigation part, and scrolling in the main page does not allow scrolling the Navigation part. I tried a typical workaround for broken scrolling (using text selection beyond what is currently visible) but still could not get the Book Navigation to scroll down far enough to reach what I needed.

Was there a somewhat-recent change? I didn’t have problems using the online manual before. However, I probably not have accessed it within the past six months.

Also, since I forgot to mention it before, I’m using Firefox in Linux. Specifically, Firefox 115.9.1esr in debian 11.

I’ve just had a look myself and using Firefox I found no issues to scroll through the manual.

Thanks. This must be something specific to this Firefox instance. I checked it a few moments ago on another debian system with Firefox and I was able to scroll to the bottom of the book navigation.

There’s apparently some code involved with the navigation that makes it not scroll with the page content, since scrolling stops for a while and then resumes when you get close to the bottom of a page’s content. It never resumes in Firefox in the system I normally use, thus my question above. This is an example of creating problems via unnecessary complexity. I’m a function-over-form person anyway, but especially so when the form breaks the function.