Delivery Status Notification (Failure) email bounces to good Gmail addresses

Morning All,

I’ve started getting the above messages (Delivery Status Notification (Failure) as Bounces from email that I know are good and working.

The only changes I have made were Plugin updates (Common and Campaigns Plugins). Of note is the fact that Yahoo, and Proton domains are fine. Gmail or any Google Workplace Domains give the message above. Has anyone else encountered this problem?

EDIT: I’m using the AWS plugin for Sending emails.

There is a not often used Precedence Header that Google still tends to rely on. It is in the CONFIG.php file and I have pasted my setting here:

//# use Precedence
// according to the email standards, the Precedence header is outdated, and should not be used
// however, Google/Gmail requests that the header is used.
// So, it’s up to you what to do. Yes, or No. Defaults to “yes” use it
// see also

Let me know if that solves it for you.


@Dougster, thanks for the suggestion. I enabled it to no avail. Puzzling thing is I’ve never had any issues with sending to Google domains prior to updating to the latest CommonPlugin (3.33.0+20240215) and CampaignsPlugin (2.4.4+20231212). Not intimating that either has anything to do with this, but prior to this issue below, sending worked just fine. Also turns out other some other domains are bouncing Delivery Status Notification (Failure) as well…