Delete multiple users

Hi there,
maybe there is a simple answer to that (and I sure hope so !), but I can’t find it :
How can an admin delete a group of users from the database with phplist 3.0.12 ?
Here is the situation : I imported 600 entries from a csv for a test, and I want to clean that now to go to prod.
I don’t want those entries to be blacklisted, and they all have been comfirmed.
I have found a “Mass suppression” menu (sorry my version is in French so I’m not sure about that translation), but it seems I need to paste the mails I wanna delete… How to make it easy ?
Will it be easier to go with phpmyadmin panel and sql requests ?

Hi, so by users I think you mean “subscribers”

I am not quite sure why you want to delete them… Can you explain what it is you want to achieve?



Yes I mean suscribers.
I just want to clear my suscriber database, as I worked on it for tests so far and it is full of bad entries, mixed with good entries… I would like it empty, so I can have a fresh start with a proper csv import.

Hi Framidev,

So long as you are comfortable working with phpMyAdmin then simply log on to your phpMyAdmin, select the correct database as used by your phpList (make a backup of the DB if you are even the slightest bit unsure, and then select the following Tables, and click Select All and click Delete, confirming that you really, really want to delete the table contents.


That should clean your phpList subscribers out and you’ll be left with just your admin details intact.

If you won’t want to use phpmyadmin I suggest this method:

  1. make a list of all subscribers, you can do this by going to lists, clicking all subscribers and clicking download. Follow the steps
  2. go to Manage subscribers > bulk remove subscribers and paste in the list.

If it helps switch it to English for step 2 so you see the menus the same as I describe


Dear all,
thank you for your help, I’ve used anna’s method : download my users in csv, extract the email colomn, and paste them in the bulk remove list.


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But what when the subscribers already received newsletters/campaigns?

All done, 2054 emails processed
0 emails blacklisted
0 emails deleted
1 emails not found
2053 subscribers could not be deleted, because they have already received campaigns
thank you!

Hi, are you using If so, you should use for support

Hi anna, what you mean am i using
Yes, i use it selfhosted.

Well, either way, the reason you get that message is because you should not delete subscribers who have already had campaigns sent to them because it removes all their data which destroys your campaign statistics and other things. Why do you want to delete them?

Hi anna,
thanx for your reply.
These 2053 subscribers, which I imported by myself for a long time, got one “newsletter” by an error.
I don’t need this subscribers anymore would like to clean my database.

If you never want to ever (ever) mail them again then use the bulk blacklist function. Otherwise you are looking at a SQL query type thing.

Yes, i blacklisted them now!
Thank you!

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