Dedicated blacklist used to prevent sending for all campaigns and lists

Hi. I have multiple lists.
An advertiser has a blacklist and wants to make sure I don’t send anything to any of those emails (4K emails).
Is there any way to create a specific blacklisted list from an import of the blacklisted advertiser emails and from there ensure that whatever list I use to send emails in the future, I won’t send any email to any of the advertiser’s blacklisted emails?

@krold What is missing from the standard blacklist processing that stops it doing what you want?

Thanks, Duncan.
My problem is I don’t really understand how the system works! I didn’t find answers in the documentation.
If I have a list, apart, with blacklisted emails, even if these emails appear in the other lists I will use for campaigns, will they (emails) never be used?

If yes, how can I create this list from a CSV file and make automatically all elements blacklisted?

@krold “blacklist” is a status of a subscriber, similar to unconfirmed, not an actual list.

phplist will not send to subscribers who are blacklisted or unconfirmed.

You can mark a set of subscribers as unconfirmed and blacklisted on the Suppression List page, menu Subscribers > Suppression List
Copy/paste the set of email addresses, ensure that the “Make suppression permanent” checkbox is checked, which will make the subscribers blacklisted.

Then view the subscriber details for one of those subscribers to confirm that they have been blacklisted.