Dealing with Old Statistics

I continue to get challenged with the “convert old data to new” button every time I launch the statistics page. Rather than worry about that, can I just remove the old statistics? Can I just drop that table and if so, what is it named?

There are two tables that were used in phplist 2.10.x and are now (almost) not used - linktrack and linktrack_userclick. I would empty the tables rather than delete them, as phplist will still test whether there are records to be converted.

Bear in mind that links in emails created by phplist 2.10 will then not work, as the linktrack table is used for the redirection. But depending on how long ago you moved to phplist 3 that might not be a real problem.

Thank you, I’ll give that a try.

That did the trick, no more update challenge for 100K+ records that I
didn’t really care about anymore. Everything seems to be working just great.

Thank you!