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Dealing with multiple subscribe pages

Hi everyone,

I am running a rather complex phplist setup with two subscribe pages in different languages (German/English).

Apart from the minor issue that I can’t seem to fully translate all transfer messages (for some I had to add mixed language texts), I am currently struggling with how to deal with users who subscribe using both pages:

As far as I understand, the user’s subscribe page (as set in the database entry) gets updated to whichever page was used last. If my initial subscription was done on page ID=2 and I then subscribed to additional lists via page ID=5, my subscribe (and thus preference) page will be changed from 2 to 5 in the process.

If I then want to edit my preferences, the preference link will take me to the most recently used subscribe/settings page. But what if I want to make changes to the subscriptions from the other subscribe page? It seems to be an either/or problem with no way of giving the user a choice of which page to use. Am I correct? Am I missing an option or a workaround here?

I saw the recent release of the subscribers plugin (looks great, thanks a lot, @duncanc). It offers me the option to manually change the subscribe page of users. Using this I could setup a universal settings page with ALL lists and change each user’s subscribe page to that. But this would leave me with the problem of translation, especially of attributes (I’d have to include both english and german attributes, effectively doubling the size of this page). Also, doing this frequently by hand does not seem feasible and I can’t see an option to easily create a scheduler task that does this.

Any advice is welcome. I hope this was not asked before, I could not find anything that fit. Otherwise, please direct me to the existing thread.


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