Dead loop when sending campaign 3.2.1

Hi all,

I tried to send a campaign using the newsly installed version 3.2 yesterday. The sending process failled, remaining stuck in a dead loop.

I then upgraded to version 3.2.1, which is supposed to address this issue. Unfortunately, it did not make a change; whenever I try to send a campaign, I have to refresh the page in order to send the next batch of emails.

Any ideas about what is happening?

Not sure it’s the same thing - that was - it was any page, not specifically sending. Any idea if you have ipv6?



Thank you for your response Anna!

As far as I understand from my router, I do not have ipv6 address. In addition, I’m using last phplist version, so the patch mentionned in your link is applied.

Any other idea?


Just out of curiosity, on the same host, do you have an old installation running PhpList?

To me the same thing happening to me, with version 3.2.0 and 3.2.1

But when I install under a subdomain (say, not the same subdomain, I work), that’s strange.

Any news regarding this issue? This has prevented me from using phplist sending mechanism for quite a while.

Have you upgraded to 3.2.4 yet? What version of PHP is your server running?
Also, what error message are you receiving, if any?

Thanks for your message. I have not upgraded yet to 3.2.4, as I check the changelog and did not find anything related to my issue.

There is unfortunately no error message at all.

Highly recommend upgrading from 3.2.1 to 3.2.4.
What version of PHP is your server running, rememebr 3.2.x does not work well below 5.4+ PHP.

Thank you dragonrider, I will follow your advice and upgrade to PHP 5.5 (currently using PHP 5.3). I will report back!

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