Dead loop to login with 3.2.0 v2

Seems that I am not the only one to have rhis problem. Everything was working well until I urpgraded to 3.20.
I have a dead loop to login page.
I removed the ‘REQUIRE_LOGIN’ setting.
A bit better, but still not working: I get the message: “Your session timed out, please login again
” every now and then.
any idea?
I tried to switch on and off the setting CHECKSESSIONIP but without success.


not sure whether this will help, but installing over the top of RC1 resulted in a similar problem, i.e. the time out message. Running a cache check 2 .js files were reloading every few seconds. These files were added to the full release in the pagetop_minimal.php file. Removing these 2 javascript files cleared the problem on my site and is a quick fix until the developers release 3.2.1.

This worked for me , and if you read the developers notes in the file it says quote “Do not load any js files here”,

It’s an option until the developers come up with a cleaner solution.



I think that you are referring to this reported problem

I think this error message is caused by a session timeout. That seems to be the common cause of your problem and those reported on the other topic.

Thanks for the answers.
I tried to follow the instructions of but it did not work out.
Willing to try the 2 js files removal, could you tell me which files to remove?


the file is admin/ui/dressprow/pagetop_minimal.php

there are only two .js files present…

just delete these two lines.

As I mentioned it worked for me, also clear the cache in your browser before you log back into phpList.



Thanks for the quick reply.
It did not work for me. I removed the 2 lines refering to the js files in: admin/ui/dressprow/pagetop_minimal.php
But still, I am kicked out after a few seconds with the same message: : "Your session timed out, please login again
I cleared the cache and to be sure I tried with another browser.

I have installed PHPList, latest version v3.2.4
My PHP Server Installation version is 5.6

It was working fine in January and February 2016.
Last night, on 16th March 2016, it stopped working.
I am sure the web hosting company changed some thing inside
PHP.ini settings and their staff is not good enough to fix it.
The Login works fine, as soon as I use PHPList it logs me out after 1 to 2 minutes time.

Error: Your session timed out, please login again

This error also, shuts down the email sending process as well and I have to re-login to re-start the email sending. I have recorded a 5 minutes video about my PHPLIST problem, please help me.

Youtube video link:

Ohh, sounds horrid!! Might be worth seeking some Paid support

Also, if you let me know how many subscribers etc you have I can tell you how cheap it is to use and never be bothered by such issues again :wink: :smile: