Database getting very large

We only have about 5000 email addresses and our database is getting too huge. We do a database dump to sql then we bzip2 it and the final file is about 500mb.

We have been using phplist for years. So I am thinking it is the very old data.

How to purge the old data and get a database size to something much smaller so that we can backup easier?

I saw a post about using the housekeeping plugin. I will try it out.

Unfortunately the housekeeping did not help much. Nice plugin though.

The source of the problem is this table, phplist_linktrack which is 6252.21mb.

Any other way to get the database size to be smaller?

What version of phplist are you using, the Linktrack table is a remnant from v2… if you are using v3.x, you can empty that table.

I am using the latest version 3.5.1.
That is great that I can empty that table.

How about phplist_bounce table which is 1294.46mb?

Thank you for the reply. It has been very helpful.

You can empty the phplist_bounce table. I’d suggest that you process the bounces first. Emptying the table will remove all of your bounces. You might want to delete the older ones only… using an sql command.

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Thank you for the advice.
Here is the sql used to delete old records. Just incase others need a starting point.
delete from phplist_bounce where date < ‘2019-01-01 00:00’