Customizing 2 newsletter signup pages

I have created 2 newsletters and have them listed as

As these 2 are listing newsletters from 2 distinct websites, I was wondering if it would be possible to customize the look and feel of each of these pages? Either the header/footer or perhaps just in the body?

This would make it obvious to potential newsletter subscribers that the newsletter signup page is clearly on the site they just came from.

Thanks for any suggestions.

@MarcPare When you edit a subscribe page there are header and footer sections which you can customise. Be careful that the html remains valid, e.g. that the div elements are correctly closed.

Thanks for the reply. I had not noticed it in the settings, but really handy!

As I was originally looking for the actual location of these files could you tell me where I would find these pages in the phpLists file structure?

@MarcPare The values you are editing are stored in the phplist_subscribepage_data table.

The default values used when creating a new subscribe page are on the Settings page, but those are initialised from the files admin/ui/phplist/frontendheader.php and frontendfooter.php