Customising the subscribe, thank you pages etc

first of all i would like to thank to all the forum members and the creator of this wonderful software for keeping the same open source.
I am using phplist for the last 3 years and have been constantly looking for the answers to my problems with the software on the forum.
and i believe this is the right time to input something from my side.
This post would be for the ones who are finding it difficult to customize the subscribe pages according to the look of their website etc.

step 1) go to the following page [domain]//lists/admin/?page=configure
2) under subscription-ui settings you will find the following heading header of public pages
3) link your website style sheet for e.g link href="…/common.css" rel=“stylesheet” type="text/css"
4) copy the template code of your website after that. Do remember not to change the following div classes

div id=“wrapper” & div id=“mainContent” & div class=“panel” & div class=“content”

one just needs to put the desired website code above it. These div ids and class is actually where the phplist will integrate the various fields like email, confirm email id, and other stacked attribute that one needs to input during form subscription.
5) Save it.
6) last step is to close the div ids and classes which one can see are very clearly mentioned in the footer of public pages and add footer content in the same

**i.e.div !-- ENDOF #mainContent-- & /div !-- ENDOF .wrapper – & /div<!-- ENDOF #container

i hope this thing will save a lot to time in creating the customizing pages for the website.
The changes that are made in the setting pages will be default every time a new subscription form is created. to change every subscription individually one can go to
[DOMAIN]/lists/admin/?page=spage and edit the page accordingly. the changes would be performed in the same manner. for individual subscriber list
I hope this would be helpful for the ones who are new to phplist.

hi @ag1234,

Thanks for the input!

Glad you like phpList.


This doesn’t seem to work for Word Press. Any suggestions?

Hey, would you like to turn this into a blog post? I would need some images and be nice and tidy, but that would be great? You should be able to login to now and make a new post.

Can you add an avatar/photo too, when you are on - makes everything more friendly :slight_smile: I will try all your steps and help you with the guide of course.


As Anna said, it would be really helpful if you did this as a blogpost with images. I followed your steps, but had no luck. I found the CSS in my customized theme header (I had someone design it) and I used what seemed to match up with your link referenced. unfortunately this didn’t work.

I have been able to create a page on my WordPress site that allows the user to enter their email address, which is exactly what I want. BUT, when they click the subscribe button it takes them to the PHPList page instead of the customized Thank you for subscribing page I’ve created. I’m attaching a graphic of what it does and what I want it to do.

One thing to not is that if the user goes ahead and subscribes for a THIRD time on Screen C it creates a never ending loop of Screen C

Is what you’ve describe look like my graphic?? Clarification on your post would be appreciated.

@anna I’ve tried using the Signup widget, which works great, but on the sidebar the signup isn’t “in your face” for readers to be compelled to sign up.

Thanks in advance, Monica

yes, this has pro’s and cons I think. What’s your domain, I will take a look


I saw a post about this topic from @maxwellstephen and visited his website. Now I can’t find his website link. :confused: I know he had some great info but I was falling asleep at the computer and knew NOT to code when sleepy. :smile:

I think I’m going to stick with the Sign up in the widget bar for the moment and in a few days I’ll tackle it again. Thanks! Monica

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I would suggest you get your emails from other places too, like the contact form. Do you get any info on who buys them? Sales are the best places for subscriber data in my view :slight_smile: I run

Also, are you self hosting or using

Self-hosting on Total Choice. I get some info, primarily off the links in my newsletter, which are specialized based on vendor and book purchased. And yes to the more than one place to subscribe. That’s what I’m attempting to do. I purchased/downloaded @maxwellstephen software and eBook. Now to read and try to figure out what I need to do to integrate everything without the widget messing things up.

I’m also having trouble getting the newsletter to deliver. Says processing and only four emails have gone out. Ugh. I confirmed ratio of emails to send, and Not sure what’s wrong with it. But off to find other forum topics on that. I WILL CONQUER this bastard.

Well, I am wondering if your energies might be better saved by using .com and not dealing with all the self-hosting issues? I feel like I spend my life saying this, but it’s probably really cheap and 100% less hard work :slight_smile: If you email me I can get you a quote :smile:

As always, for the record, I do work for phpList ltd as the community manager, but I used for my own small business for 4 years before I tarted working for phpList ltd :slight_smile:

@Monica do let me know if you need any helps…

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Hi @maxwellstephen I sent you an email with some questions. In case you’ve not received it, I’m pasting the questions here…

I have a Word Press site, and I installed the script from the popup software in the Theme’s header.php file after the tag.

I then transferred the graphics (I’m using the text over top of the image template) in the same directory where the theme’s header.php lies. I went to the website to see if the popup worked, but nothing happened. So I transferred the graphics files from the directory where the theme’s header.php is to the wp-content directory that holds all of the Word Press files and directory. Still nothing.

Am I correct in assuming I have to place the popup signup code your software generated in my theme’s header.php file? If not, where exactly should I place the code the software generates? In what specific Word Press directory do I need to place the graphics generated by the Popup software?

Moving on to the next issue of creating email signup

I only want one mailing list. Do I still need to create two separate subscribe pages or will one work for both the sidebar sign up and the popup sign up? Or am I simply creating two different scripts to call?

I don’t want to use a first name for my mailing list, because I’ve already got more than 1600 subscribers and I don’t have first names for them. I prefer to just do a generic newsletter. With that in mind, could you confirm that the modified code below is is correct. The ID number is correct for the subscribe page I already had in place.

Email: You can opt out completely.

I think that’s it for the moment. My biggest concern and focused task is to get the popup working. Then the sidebar and then my contact page.


@anna wish I could farm this out, but I’m strapped for cash in a really big way. I’ll still contact you email wise to see what you charge.


@Monica posted you a reply in the email… let me know if you need anymore helps… :smile:

Tips for everyone else here…
Opt-in pop up code can actually be stored in the widget area…

I am really sorry for such late reply. I was super duper busy with other
stuff of mine and got no time to check emails too.
the link to the website is as follows.

i am attaching the screen of what i have done in order to attain the same.

  1. go to settings page and follow the steps. ( this is for the default
    subscribe page for every for that you create.

  2. check the two circles in the image 1. These are basic coding which are
    used by phplist keep these you only add stylesheets link just the way it
    is shown in the image.

  3. check the circle in image 2, these are the basic div ids which one needs
    to keep. you need to make changes between these div id’s

  4. take a look at the 2 image and see that there are div id tag stating div
    class= panel, and div class = main content , wrapper etc. the same are
    opened in the header and closed in footer section. so dont put anything in

  5. Just keep the footer as shown in image 3.

  6. to customise that thank you page you need to do the following.
    go to config, go to subscribe pages, edit the subscribe page
    go to customise the thank you page. Here you need to use the H1, H2, H3, H4
    tags etc for eg i have used the following.


Thank you for applying for membership.

Your email address has
been added to our Member list.You will receive a confirmation mail with a
request to confirm your membership. Please click the link in the mail to
confirm your subscription.

We request to check your SPAM box once, if you have not received the

i hope it will help you out with the same.