Customising confirmation pages in Joomla

I’m wondering how to customise all confirmation pages according to my joomla site template.

Create a subscription form as a module was quite easy, but now I would like to create copy of the phplist confirmation pages (also error, if possible) in my site in order to be able to manage their layout within joomla template management.

The question is how to redirect phplist pages to their copies on my site.
Does someone was able to do so ?

well … there’s some literature on the web about editing index.php to get this (or part of this …), but I would like to avoid that approach … any suggestion ?

My understanding is you can put the subscribe page code into any web page and design the page how you like @duncanc may be able to explain this better than me though

Copy source code of phplist pages (subscribe, unsubscribe, confirmation errors and so on) and paste it into new articles in joomla so that they are served according to template(s) is not an issue, of course. That’s exactly what I’ve done to publish a subscription form in a module of my website.

The problem arise for the “Thank you for subscribing our newsletter” page, for example, which is served by phplist, using its template.

I could be very helpful (not only for me, as far as I can see around the web) if I could set a different URL for each phplist welcome, confirmation and error page, referring to the “cloned” pages in joomla site.

Actually this can be done with a lot of patience editing /list/index.php, /list/admin/subscribelib2.php and who knows whatelse (I haven’t finished yet …)

I don’t know if this is the only way, but, if so, an official simple guide would be a top hit article here, I guess.

On the other hand, trying to use a joomla template in phplist does not seem to me a good idea …

I’ve done this before and as best as I can remember, I’ve taken the code from the joomla (or regular html web site) and pasted the relevant code into the correct parts of a new (custom) subscribe page when designing it.

Currently I can’t remember exactly how I did it (illness) but I did several for a few sites and put them up as demo’s on one of my testing phpList installs. The very one I’m in the process of updating so it’s unavailable currently. Once it returns you are welcome to view and see if this is what you want.

Another alternative method is to use a customised phpList subscribe page in a Joomla wrapper from the Joomla menu. This can be seen at

Thank you Dragonrider for your answer.

I attach some screenshot (site is stil under construction) hoping to be more clear …

here is the phplist subscribe module in joomla. no problem

if you subscribe, you are directed here …

but this should be better …

playing with index.php, I can get directly here from the “If this is correct, please click the following link to confirm your subscription.” mail.

Still handling index.php, I can be redirected here, either if I unsubscribe from email …

… or from the site

The same for error pages, greetings page, maybe also user details page (still under investigation)

This is a result of a kind of self-made “hacking” of index.php in few lines, which is something I wouldn’t like to do, or at least I could do if guys from phplist agree on that and maybe tell us how to do without messing the code.

I think this approach is better than copy/pasting code into phplist pages, since template management is dynamically made by joomla (if you change something you don’t have to copy/paste again everything in phplist).

Any comment is appreciated

Hopefully better late than never.
I’ve just put together a how-to instruction on my own site on how to embed a custom phpList subscribe page within a Joomla 3 site which because it uses Joomla’s built in Wrapper option everything appears within the Joomla site.

Hope it’s straightforward to follow and is of help. My next project to to explain how to embed a custom subscribe page into a HTML site. The coding is done, I’ve just got to write how I did it!
If you take a look, the subscribe page is on my server, not the churches’ and is only a test installation, nyou’ll not get subscribed if you enter your details.

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