Csv in statistics view menu

running 3.2.5
The csv file created and downloaded in the view menu of statistics for individual campaigns has the data all together in a single excel cell. my config file shows define(“EXPORT_EXCEL”,1);

The only way to delete everything except the email is to do it manually.

Is there a way to include just “emails”.

I don’t understand which page or pages you are referring to?
But the EXPORT_EXCEL seems to apply only to exports of subscribers, not other exports. You can try the Campaign Statistics plugin which should provide similar statistics.
I don’t have Excel so don’t know whether files can be opened automatically.
I think that you can use an import menu item in Excel that lets you select the field separator (tab or comma).

actually I have the campaign statistics plugin and I suspect the page i am refering to comes from that.

the menu to the page is as follows:

this is the csv file I am speaking of…
I would like to place these emails into a specific “list” and it has a bunch of other things that are not seperated either by tabs or commas.
to get a clean csv list of these emails isn’t possible

@johntrot that is a core phplist page, not a plugin so you need to import the file into excel instead of just opening it because the separator is tab, not comma.

The plugin pages are under the menu Statistics > Advanced Statistics

thanks, that worked.
It is nice to have someone like you guide us through issues like this.

My Appreciation