CSV import frustration - 3.6.2 & 3.5.9

Longtime user of phpList - i was running 2.10.15 until last week when my server melted - it worked, didn’t need to upgrade.

New temporary server (CentOS 6, PHP 5.4) - I imported my DB backup, copied over my 2.10.15 directory from a backup, and was able to log back in. Thought while I was on a new server, I’d upgrade and try the new version(s).

Manually installed my way through 3.0.0, 3.0.12, 3.2.7, 3.3.9, 3.4.9, 3.5.9 & 3.6.2 - all successful upgrades, according to the process results and the DB verification mechanism inside phpList. each time a new /lists folder was created from the TGZ download, and the config.php file from the previous version was copied over.

FYI, i tried manually and via the updater to install 3.6.3 and 3.6.4, and both fail - the updater yields “can’t write” errors on every file under /lists, and manually, the login page won’t load. I’m assuming these are failing due to some PHP 7 specific call, but no error messages in the website error.log file, so no idea.

Under 3.6.2, I started a new campaign, and sent a test message to a couple of my emails - they worked, no problem.

However, i tried to import some emails from another source (I do this a couple times a month, have for years, no issues), and the import from CSV (email, fname, lname only, comma separated - verified via notepad, all emails valid) produces a white page, with nothing on it - no error message in the website error.log. I’ve tried test mode, i’ve made sure the comma is in the delimiter box, no combination works.

I repeated the upgrade process a 3rd time, stopping at 3.5.9 in hopes that any PHP 7 issues might not crop up, but again, the import process does the same thing.

Anyone have any insights? I’d appreciate the help.


There might be some html behind this. Try viewing the source of the page in your browser.

Surprised I didn’t think to look at that, but I’ve already started back over at 2.x and a database reimport so I could get functional again. Will try it again shortly and see what I get.