CSV import freezes

I am trying to import CSV files, of several sizes 60, 150, 300, and 700 users that will receive the newsletter.

Only in the case of 60 contacts, I got a final report after installing.

In the other cases the import UI seems to freeze. importing nnnn contacts and the spinning phpList symbol.

I cannot find any error, on any logs / or the screen.

I can see that the data has been imported, as the latest record of the CSV file is present.

It is very uncomfortable to import data this way.

is anybody experiencing the same thing?

I’m having the same issue. Did you figure out a solution? I’ve tried to use a different browser but it freezes. I’ve tried to reboot the system but it freezes again as soon as I try to upload another list. I can’t even select a list.

I may have to get them in there by dumping them into phpmyadmin and then running some queries to put emails into certain lists.