CSS styling for [EMAIL] and[FROMEMAIL]

I am struggling to find where I can change the default style for these placeholders. I want them to be white #fff.

My template code is:-

<p style="color:#ffffff !important;">This message was sent to [EMAIL] by [FROMEMAIL].</p>

And it ends up in the send HTML email as:-

<p style="color:#ffffff !important">This message was sent to <a href="mailto:glenn@carbonsaver.org" target="_blank">glenn@carbonsaver.org</a> by <a href="mailto:glenn@carbonsaver.uk" target="_blank">glenn@carbonsaver.uk</a>.</p>

Styled with the following CSS

.msg-3132208944819359252 .m_-3132208944819359252footer td, .msg-3132208944819359252 .m_-3132208944819359252footer p, .msg-3132208944819359252 .m_-3132208944819359252footer span, .msg-3132208944819359252 .m_-3132208944819359252footer a {
    color: #999999;
    font-size: 12px;
    text-align: center;

@Ovgmw7 You appear to be viewing the email in Gmail so you are not seeing the email exactly as sent by phplist. Gmail does its own formatting, such as converting an email address into a mailto: link and adding those styles that you show. Try viewing in an email client that does not do any formatting.

Thank you for the pointer. I amended the code in my footer to include the mailto: link and added inline styling for the a element. It now works as the inline/element style takes preference over gmail style sheet.

Thank you for your prompt help.

<p style="color:#ffffff">This message was sent to <a style="color:#ffffff" href="mailto:[EMAIL]" target="_blank">[EMAIL]</a> by <a style="color:#ffffff" href="mailto:[FROMEMAIL]" target="_blank">[FROMEMAIL]</a>.</p>