Cronjob required to Process the Queue

I need a cronjob to “Process the Queue” while my computer is not logged into phpList. I have it set to send 300 emails per hour (reduced to to my hosting providers restrictions) but I cannot afford to leave my computer running for days when I need to send a campaign to a large list. I have tried using the following commands:
lynx -dump
/usr/bin/php -c /usr/www/httpd/php5-ini/ftp username/php.ini /usr/www/users/ftp username/lists/admin/index.php –pprocessqueue
/usr/bin/php -c /usr/www/httpd/php5-ini/ftp username/php.ini /usr/www/users/ftp username/lists/admin/index.php –pprocessqueue -c/usr/www/users/ftp username/lists/config/config.php

Hi, check out this

And this one, too…

your task is to figure out what the command is EXACTLY for your particular server.

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Try this one:

php /home/YOURDOMAIN/public_html/lists/admin/index.php page=processqueue login=admin password=YOURPASSWORD >/dev/null 2>&1

I set it to run every 5 minutes…still will stop on occasion, not sure why.