Cronejobs for newsletter working by Plask but get failure emails

In cronejob there is correct link…ee

But in failures via email there is always a link with apostof in the end…0bef83ee’

So there is an 404 code

No idea? As written crones will be down but hourly come failures :frowning:

@dreamcreator Are you saying that all runs of the cron job are failing in this way, or only intermittently?

Possibly two cron jobs have been defined, one with the erroneous apostrophe. Maybe created under a different user.

I only had
curl ‘…3ee’
which never has worked, kept for only once a year so this can’t be the cause.
I also now deleted it completly.

Task is green with URL but with comment:

Task “…83ee” successfully completed in 12 seconds. See details

  • Url ‘…3ee’ fetched Status: 200 Output: {“campaign”:22,“num_users_for_message”:0,“batch_count”:0,“batch_total”:10000,“sendemail returned false total”:0,“send blocked by domain throttle”:0,“add attachment error”:0,“sendemail returned false”:0,“sentastest”:0,“invalid”:0,“failed_sent”:0,“sent”:0,“num_per_batch”:10000,“status”:22,“sent_users_for_message 11”:0,“total_users_for_message 11”:23,“max_users_for_message 11”:0,"processed_u.

@dreamcreator Can you show a scrreenshot of the Plesk cron job page?

@dreamcreator Thanks.
I don’t really understand the problem that you are trying to describe. It appears that the cron job is running successfully once an hour. Can you see in phplist that the campaign is being sent?

What is the email that has the URL with the extra apostrophe? It does not look to be to do with phplist, so you should raise that with your hosting company.

Cronejob is set to send email to me in case there are some falures.
I have 3 testusers and thay get messages so I hope all other too.

On some point by plesk or phplist this apostrophe will be added to clean URL and I get hourly message about 400 failure :frowning:

I guess it is some plesk bug and maybe you have noticed similar…Provider wanted money from me to investigate this allthou plesk is a part of their service.