Cron not working since upgrade to 3.6.7

Has anyone experienced a cron not working since upgrading to 3.6.7?

To be honest I’m not if my issue is that the cron is not working. To explain…

I updated to 3.6.7 a few weeks ago (I can’t remember the actual date but if any one can tell me whether there’s a log file somewhere which lists that sort of stuff that would be most appreciated).

I’ve now noticed that the last 3 campaigns I’ve sent have just been sitting in the active campaigns tag but are not moving (see screenshot of “List Campaigns” page)!

In this screenshot each of the 3 campaign say they’ve had 282, 199 & 37 total views but NO Unique views + very few views (probably just me when i was checking the links)

Then… If I look at the “Manage Campaigns” page (see this screenshot):

They say each campaign has been embargoed (sorry but what does that mean)

As I’ve not been receiving the usual emails confirming individual batches have been sent i presume these haven’t actually been sent (even though it says the campaigns have had 282, 199 & 37 total views)

Is it the Cron not working? (I’ve had 3 crons running for years)

Is it a bug in the new software (3.6.7)

I’m really lost. If there’s anyone out there who has experienced this sort of thing I’d appreciate hearihg from you and what you did to resolve it.

Many thanks


OK, this morning I’ve disabled the cron option in config.php as follows: ('MANUALLY_PROCESS_QUEUE', 1); and I can now deliver the emails sitting in the Active Tab. So this shows cnclusively that the cron is not working.

Again, has anybody experienced the cron not working since updating phplist 3.6.7?

Any help would be most appreciated

@phillegg You will need to look at your hosting control panel where the cron job was created. Possibly something has changed there.
Sometimes the php version used by command line including cron jobs is different to that used by the web server, so might be worth checking.

Thanks Duncan. Checked out what you said & aligned the php versions - it seems a bit better & sort of working but still intermittent. Hosting compnay have asked me if there’s an ‘event log’ within the phplist installation so they can see what’s happening in more detail, as their server log is not giving too much info.

Is there an ‘event log’ already in the phplist installation - or can I create one, and if so how do I do that?

@phillegg The phplist event log page should show any problems when the cron job does run processqueue. But if the cron job is intermittently failing then you need to capture the output. Most control panels give an option to email the output of a cron job, otherwise you can pipe the output to a file

php .... -p processqueue -c config.php > processqueue.log 2>&1

will save the output to a file. If the php command is actually failing to run then that too should be shown.