Creating campaign - Embargo time is not defaulting to 'before' - it is in the future

Hi all,

I’m having some trouble with a PHPList installation. The Embargo time is defaulting to a point in near future (3-6 hours, depending). It USED to be a point in the past. Thus, the campaigns are not being sent out immediately.

This is on version 3.5.6.

It started somewhat recently… around 2020.7.27. It worked fine before that. (There was a new release, 3.5.5, on 7.06. Not sure when that might have been applied to my system though - auto-updates are on.)

I saw some older threads about Time Zones and installing a plugin. But the server is in the same TimeZone as I am. Or, at least the system clock matches my wall clock.

Screen Shot 2020-09-09 at 17.49.39

Any ideas on how to get it to set the Embargo so that it defaults back to some point in the past? This really frustrates the user creating the campaigns.

@J8334SWC Possibly the php time is different to the mysql time. Try installing the Timezone plugin to see whether that helps. On the Manage Plugins page follow the find plugins link.

I installed the plugin. 1 initial test showed that the ‘embargo’ time defaulted to 5 minutes before the current time. That’ll work! :slight_smile:

Will have to see how it performs going forward (e.g. after the daylight-savings time change).