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Creating a subscribe page: manual chapter feedback and discussion

Feedback on the following chapter:

Hi, I have followed the recommended settings, subscriber can register itself, but it is not assigned to any list. No clue so far.

1 Don’t offer choice, default to HTML - Check!
2 Don’t display email confirmation - Check!
3 At least one list to subscribe t0 - Check!
4 Do not select any attributes as a requirement - Check!


@david.horstman What is the URL of the subscribe page?

Hi Duncan, already found the issue when checking the html coding from my subscriber page.

The 11 in the example must be replaced by the list id (not the sequence number):
< input type=“hidden” name=“list[11]” value=“signup” / >

Thansk for your support!

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Hi, actually still an issue. After including the coding for the newletter signup, Wordpress doesnt display any pictures of that page anymore.

Why is that?