Create campaign list order sort

When an admin is creating a campaign, on tab 6 Lists, is there a way to sort the order other than alphabetical?

Yes, the sort order can be set when creating lists and they present in that order when subscribers go to manage their list memberships and when managing lists, but the create function list does not follow the sort settings from when lists are created.

It would be great if you could keep sort order, or toggle to alphabetical (sure someone wants that) and even sort on Public or Private.

Is there a config setting I am missing?
Or is this a glitch that only the create campaigns function presents?

You can use the ‘Categorize Lists’ button on the Subscriber Lists page.
I use that to organize lists, and when I’m selecting a list, sometimes I just use the “ctl-f” (find) to get to the list I want when in the Lists tab.

Dan, thanks, that is a start
But I am seeing some very odd behaviors.

Of the categories sorted into 4 tabs:
1 General Mailings §
2 Specific Mailings §
3 Member Master Lists (pr)
4 Testing (pr)

When creating a campaign, on the lists tab, now only the 3 Member Master lists shows the individual lists to select from.
The other tabs show nothing but the Select All box.
No individual lists to select from.

Also the Selected tab no longer shows the private lists of the the 3 Members Masters Lists tab.

Ever experience either of these?

oh, and the selected tab is still alphabetically sorted only, just w/o master lists as noted above.

Something is screwy.

Just to make sure, you are using v 3.2.5?

also, you should be able to look at ‘lists’ ‘subscriber lists’ and see the lists that are in each category.

yes, 325.
I’ll try categorizing again and then check that.
For the meanwhile I have to let the users do their mailings.

I have to make this brainless for the users.
Goal - my involvement minimized and their utilization independent.

This is for a swim club with multiple users, posting regarding social things, swim team activities, pools and grounds, presidents notices, general services, technical info, etc.

At any given time they will send to one list within a category (if that is the ultimate utilization)

They are not exactly tech savvy…more or less clueless is the case.

This is why I am hoping the list order would just work in the create a newslettter function.