Create an exclusion list in the case of a campaign relaunch

I want to resend a campaign. But, i don’t want to send this email again to the people whose already answered. I 've got the email list of those peoples and i want to creat like a temporary exclusion list.
Thank you for your answers.

@Julbar48 You can send a new campaign, which is a copy of the previous camaign, and use the Segment plugin to not include those subscribers who have answered.

You will need to enable the Segment plugin on the Manage Plugins page, then, when editing the new camaign, on the Segment tab create a condition for the email address with an operator of “is not included”, and copy/paste the set of email addresses.
See plugin:segment [phpList Resources] for an explanation of how to use the plugin.

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Hi. Thanks a lot Mister @duncanc ! It’s exactly what i need :smiley:.

Hi Mister @duncanc.
Is there a problem with de translations module in the Segment Puglin ? Because, when i do the procedure :

  • Copy “translations_en.php” to “translations_fr.php”,
  • Translate some texts like this : [‘The campaign will be sent only to those subscribers who match any or all of the conditions.’, ‘La campagne sera seulement envoyée aux destinataires qui correspondront aux conditions paramétrées.’],

Nothing happens on the website. Words are always in english.

I’m looking in frontend translator.php but root and files are named “{$codeRoot}lan/frontend_english.php” and not “lan/translations_en.php” !!

And in FR Files for me : “{$codeRoot}lan/frontend_$language.php” instead of “lan/translations_fr.php”

Can you give me some advices ?

My configuration:

  • PHPList 3.6.12
  • Common Plugin 3.12.2
  • Segment plugin 2.13.1

Thanks a lot

@Julbar48 translations_fr.php is correct. The “frontend” refers to public pages, which this plugin does not have.

You need to logout of phplist then login again for the translations to be loaded, and your phplist language needs to be French, selected on the Dashboard page.

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Thanks Mister @duncanc ! I worked hard on that problem and when i leaved at the end of those last days, it was the automatic logout which disconected me. I now do the action of logout manually and it is working !