"Could not instantiate mail function" error after a number of successful deliveries

I am using the default PHP mail() method to send the emails of my list, and after a number of sends, it will start failing and keep trying until the tries are almost 5 times the size of the list (list has about 2900). At first there seemed to be a problem with the hosting but testing the mail function independently is working fine now. Is there some way to fix this or do you guys have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

The trying for more that 5x the list quantity means that it is failing on many of them. You can look at the system, log of events for clues on what’s happening.

If it sent a couple and then stops, it could be that you are exceeding the quantity of emails that your hosting company allows per hour/day. some go out, and then the disable the mail server.

Thanks Dan.

  Apparently, that was the case. But the repetition was actually

caused by the disabled mail server. It was a misunderstanding
about the daily limits.