Copying Subscribers from one list to another not working?

Have tried copying contacts from one list to another but not working!
FYI: Have done this many times before succesfully so not sure why it’s not working now?
Also, tried copying just one "tagged’ subscriber to see if that works but no luck there either.

Have attached image of message from PhpList saying “0 subscribers copied”

Software versions as follows:
Phplist version: 3.6.12
PHP version 8.0 (ea-php80)
Used Chrome Browser to perform this action

What is your process for copying from one list to another? I haven’t seen that functionality in phpList, so either it’s not in core (i.e., is a plugin) or else I’ve somehow missed it over the years.

It’s not a plugin - you can do it at the bottom of the page for any “subscriber list”! You can either copy or move the complete list or tagged subscribers.

Hope that helps :sunglasses:

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