Copy created and send message to reuse as new campaign message is empty?

When I copy a previous send message (using a template) it opens up and is empty an only showing the default not edited template itself. So how to get the “copied” message including all the text and images?
Do I still need to install the Manage Campaigns plugin? Had a look at it but seems a bit old and outdated? And is last updated 2014-02-16. Seems to me that the provided commands are already part of phplists. Right?

So how to deal with this. Copy and paste like I have done many times? Or is there a real, duplicate (copy) possible of the send message including the text and images?

This is how it appears after copy:

And this how it should look to be useable:

@MrMailer You appear to be using the Content Areas plugin, so need to use the copy campaign command from the Campaigns plugin under menu Campaigns > Manage campaigns
The copy campaign command on the Campaigns page doesn’t copy the extra data that has been added by the Content Areas plugin.

Also you can see any plugins that require updating on the Manage Plugins page.

Thanks for your reply. I indeed use the Content Areas plugin. That is a great help. I’m a bit disappointed by the fact that the “copy” possibility is not copying the most important part. Why is that? And will there be a better copying possibility in the planning? Or someone with a workaround? Thanks.

So I do not need to add an other plugin “Campaigns management” right?

@MrMailer I might not have been clear. You do need to install the Campaigns plugin then use its copy campaign button.

Thanks that seems to work much better :slight_smile: