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Continuing glitch in auto-updater

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Auto-updater again fails on 3.4.1 to 3.4.2
Integrity check succeeds, only to be followed by the line
error, no write permission for the files:

and then a huge list of files. The Next button does not function.

The actions.txt file contains the single line:

deleting the line, or actions.txt changes nothing.



Hi, you should change the permission on the files listed and try again.

Try changing permissions on the directory including the files and click update again.

Also, in order to retry the updater the actions file needs to be removed completely instead. However, in this case updating file permissions should be enough.

Hope this helps!


In that case your automatic updater fails my software integrity check.

It is NOT automatic at all if you have to manually mess about with multpile issue.



I should have pointed out that I upgraded from 3.4.0 to 3.4.1 using the Auto updater, but only after several exchanges with one of the developers.
However, this means that all permissions of the existing 3.4.1 installation were set by the update process - I made no changes.


It could be selinux related.


Unable to identify fault .

Changed all file permission to 777, deleted actions.txt and ran the updater - still get the message
‘no write permission for the files’
as in my first post above, and so cannot proceed with update.


For debugging permissions, this script is useful as with a single command it recursively shows all permissions for a file and its directories up to root: