Content Areas Plugin How to get link on image?

Hi, in my Template I have some images which can be edited with the Content Aereas Plugin. Is it possible to apply an url to the images to make them interactive? For having images with a call to action button on it!

@MrMailer Do you want to wrap the image in an <a> element like this?

<a href="">
<img data-edit="imagearticle_image" src="" style="width: 100%; max-width: 200px;" />

The plugin supports that, so just upgrade.

Ok that would be nice. You mean upgrading phplist or just the plugin? I am on 3.3.1 version.

Also the example you show that is how it needs to be in the template right? So will I be able to change the tag when editing ? Or will that url stay the same?

@MrMailer Yes, you can edit the href parameter of the <a> element. There is an example screenshot in the documentation

Great :slight_smile: That is working. After updating, now also the “previews” seems to work better now. Before it generated a bunch of errors so hopefully that is gone now.

So thanks.

One other question (maybe create a new topic for it. I have the phplist system on the server in a test-site which is not public. The site for which the system will be used is also on he server but in its own Can I leave phplist where I have it right now and use it for that ? Or do I have to move the phplist setup to that specific ?