Confusion on multiple cron jobs for one batch of emails over 24+ hours

I often send out my lists of emails using a long-ish delay between each one since my business does not require immediate responses I can send them out over the entire course of a day for example, and I’ve found that doing this sometimes reduces them going into spam folders of recipients.

But my question is like this topic which has never been answered by anyone:

So the question is once phplist kicks off the send via a once a day cron job, and if I limit it to say, 25 emails per hour (using the settings in the config.php) with a list that is only 1,000+ recipients, must multiple cron jobs be used?

I can never find an answer to this although I see recommendations on doing so which somehow seems counter-intuitive, the thinking being “doesn’t phplist know it has to work for X number of hours or until the queue runs dry?”

you would use a cron job that fires are regular intervals, say every 15 minutes. each times it runs, it checks to see if anything needs to be sent. in your example, you set the system to send 10 emails per hour, and the campaign has been submitted to the queue. the cron job would read the send settings, and calculate how many emails were sent in the last 3600 seconds, and send (10 - qty sent in last 3600 secs), then the sending stops. The system will sit idle until the cron job is run again (in 15 minutes).

Thank you danwaterloo for the excellent explanation. I get it now.