Confirmation message changed in settings, but old message still sent

I have gone to Settings and changed the Message subscribers receive when they sign up, and saved the change. However, when I try to subscribe on a test email, I still get the old message.

I am on phpList 3.0.12
The new message is showing on the settings. It is also in the database and a search on the wrong message (which begins ‘Almost welcome to our newsletter(s) …’ draws a blank.

If you want to test it, the site is and the sign-up is in the left margin

Hi, you need to change the messages associated with the subscribe pages too. Anyone who signed up though a particular subscribe page will always be tied to that page and get messages as described in that page configuration :smile:

Hi Anna and Cornwell,
how to “change the message associated with subscribe pages”?

Sorry my bad English?

My problem is the same as Cornwell?
I am on phpList 3.2.5, just update from 3.0

Config > Setting > transactional settings
I’ve changed “Message subscribers receive when they unsubscribe”

but when I unsubscribe I get the message that I find in admin/defaultconfig.php ( $defaultconfig[‘unsubscribemessage’] )


I have the same problem! I changed the text of all messages in Config>Settings to something german. But When I try to subscribe via the subscribe page the user gets an english mail…