Confirmation link not confirming users

Hi all!

I am a looooong time user of phpList (installed in 2004) and things were chugging along smoothly, but some time ago (unfortunately I can’t pinpoint when) the confirmation links stopped working. Here’s the flow of events:

  • someone signs up through my signup form
  • the user gets created as unconfirmed
  • user gets the email with the confirmation link
  • they click it and see thank you for confirming page
  • they receive the welcome email
    BUT: the user record is not marked as confirmed.

I have found a workaround by running the query below before I send out any email, marking as confirmed if the user’s history shows they confirmed, but that’s not a good long-term solution.

UPDATE phplist_user_user INNER JOIN phplist_user_user_history ON = phplist_user_user_history.userid SET confirmed = 1 WHERE confirmed = 0 AND summary = 'Confirmation';

I am running phpList 2.10.10 on my production server so I thought I would upgrade to phpList 3.2.4 (long overdue!) before I reported the problem, unfortunately I have the exact same problem on my freshly migrated install of 3.2.4 on my dev server.

Does this issue ring a bell with anyone?

My problem is I’m not exactly sure where to start looking. I tried to poke at the code but couldn’t find my way. Can someone point me to where the confirmation magic happens when users click the confirmation link?

Many thanks in advance for your help,

phpList version: 2.10.10 and 3.2.4 (freshly migrated from previous)
My site:
Browser used: doesn’t matter

It could be related to the way the database is upgraded. If you go from the default table names to the default table names, you will start to see errors show up regarding data not being found…

Here is a little more details:


Thank you Dan. But actually, the problem started occurring on my 2.10.10 instance that hadn’t been upgraded. :confused:

I just signed up for your newsletter, received the confirmation email, and I clicked on the confirmation link. It appears from the website that all is confirmed. (I don’t have access to the database).

Things to check:
php version? if you are using 2.x phplist, most likely 5.3 is good enough. If you are using 3.24, a later version is highly suggested (5.5+).

when you upgraded to 3.2.4, you changed this line as follows:

$database_module = "";

It should work, I would suggest that you go with the upgrade, as opposed to editing old source code…

Thank you very much, Dan. I have now upgraded to 3.2.4. and it seems to be working okay now.

I want to thank you again for your insights – I appreciate your time!

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