Confirmation Email for Unsubscribe

When a caller unsubscribes from a list phpList is not sending a confirmation Email wherein they have to click on a link to confirm the unsubscribe

Did I miss a setting ?

Any update ? I noticed the same thing. Anyone can be unsubscribed just by going to the unsubscribe page and entering the email address, no confirmation required.

Yes, this is normal. To unsibscribe they simply click the link in the email and it says thank you. They can always register again if they change their mind. This is helpful for having a clean list, which has many benefits over all.

Hi Anna,

I think we’re talking about different things:
If I go to <phpList_root>?p=unsubscribe I can enter
any address and that user will be unsubscribed.
I would expect that a user can only unsubscribe
himself using some specific link.


Hi, okay I see… I get a notification email with an “if this is an error” section with a link to rectify it. Do you get this too?


Indeed - the subscriber gets informed about being unsubscribed
and of course he can subscribe again but I find it rather strange
that anyone can go to that page and unsubcribe just anyone he
wants (if he knows the email address).
Imho, the unsubscribe in the footer should have a token identifying
the user and any unsubscribe request without a valid token should
be ignored (and optionally reported to the admin maybe …).


I actually didn’t know about that page. If you just don’t link to it that should be fine. The usual unsubscribe links in the footer have the unique ID etc. I assume this is just a backup system


I see, wouldn’t it then be better to tweak the code a little so that submits without or with a wrong ID are rejected ?


When you say ID I am assuming you mean their phpList ID number which identifies them within phpList.

I don’t think there is any way to know the user ID on that page, other than buy guessing from the email. It’s a catchal unsubscribe page where anyone can go an unsubscribe themselves at any time. ie: we don’t know their ID at that point.