Confirm List Members

I have a mailing list in phplists that I imported.

I want to send out a mailing to everyone on the list asking them to click a link to re-confirm their subscription. If they don’t opt in they will be removed.

I have run a few test and come across a couple of issues:

  1. the imported subscribers are all “confirmed” already. I guess that I would have to move them to “unconfirmed” first before sending the mailing. The only way I can see to do this is individually, one at a time. Guess I could write a bit of code to do it through the database, but would have thought there would be an easire way.
  2. I can’t see a way to send email to unconfirmed list members, which I what I need to do next

@yebaws You can use the Invite plugin see plugin:invite [phpList Resources]
The plugin is distributed with phplist, so you need only to enable it on the Manage Plugins page.