Configuration of Settings for importing emails

I am having troubles importing my mailing list of about 24,000 subscribers to phplist. The screen will definitely show that it is importing. When I finally go to look at the list only about 12,000 have been imported.

I have seen a few old posts about changing settings in the php.ini file, but I don;t know where that is. I have tried to find the tip / tricks files about it, and cant…

Can someone tell me hoe to increase the size limits that need to be increased to make this work?

I am using 3.0.6.
My csv file size is about 1.82 MB

If someone could point me to an existing guide, or give me some help it would be greatly appreciated.

Firstly, update as soon as possible to the current version of phplist, there have been a number of security updates since 3.0.6.

php.ini file will be somewhere on your server, but if you mean config.php file, then this is stored within your phplist directory under the config directory. If you check out the config_extended.php file, also in the config directory, you will find pretty much every setting you can change in there, BUT it is important to copy these settings into your config.php file as phpList only uses config.php file to read the settings to be used from.